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TitleCategoryCountry/RegionDate Published
Asian Monetary Integration: A Japanese PerspectiveWorking Papers*Japan18 April 2014
The Rise of the Redback and the People's Republic of China's Capital Account Liberalization: An Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Invoicing CurrenciesWorking Papers*China, People's Republic of7 April 2014
The Role of Offshore Financial Centers in the Process of Renminbi InternationalizationWorking Papers*China, People's Republic of3 April 2014
Presentation - FSA's Approach for Financial Technical CooperationConference and Seminar Materials26 March 2014
Global Implications of the Renminbi's AscendanceWorking Papers*China, People's Republic of25 March 2014
Is There Really a Renminbi Bloc in Asia?Working Papers*Asia, China, People's Republic of28 February 2014
Presentation - The Role of Microfinance Programs in Promoting Financial Inclusion: Findings from Field Studies in India and PakistanConference and Seminar MaterialsIndia, Pakistan18 February 2014
Lessons for Asia from Europe's History with Banking IntegrationWorking Papers*Asia, Europe14 February 2014
How Far Can Renminbi Internationalization Go?Working Papers*China, People's Republic of13 February 2014
Regional Financial Regulation in AsiaWorking Papers*Asia12 February 2014

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