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Housing Policies for Emerging Asia Rapid urbanization is occurring across Asia and the Pacific, posing a major challenge for governments in the region to provide affordable and adequate housing. Effective mechanisms to address the housing challenge were discussed at a recent 2-day workshop and policy dialogue at ADBI, focussing on housing policies for emerging Asia. This event, co-organized with the Asian Development Bank, brought together international experts and government officials from developing Asia to discuss key issues such as best practices, challenges, and opportunities that exist in regulation, financing, policy implementation, and country-specific initiatives. Read more.

The Case for Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia

The Case for Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia Now is the time to enhance economic integration between South Asia and Southeast Asia, say the authors of a new ADBI Asia Pathways article. As growth has slowed in advanced industrial economies following the global financial crisis, Asian economies will need to rely more on domestic and regional demand to secure inclusive growth. The development of an Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community in 2015, providing a large and more integrated market with notable purchasing power and scale economies, will help to facilitate this process. Download ADBI study: Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Financial Development and Income Inequality

Financial Development and Income Inequality Financial development contributes to lower inequality up to a point, but as financial development proceeds further, it contributes to higher inequality. This was the main conclusion drawn by Donghyun Park, Principal Economist in the Economics Research and Regional Cooperation Department (ERCD) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Kwanho Shin, Professor in the Department of Economics at Korea University, at a recent seminar held at ADBI. Their findings also showed that when the ratio of students in primary school to those in school across age groups increases and law and order improves, financial development becomes more effective in reducing inequality. Read more.

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Updated 29 May 2015
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