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ADBI Launches New Research Project on Financial Inclusion There is growing emphasis on the need to increase financial inclusion for households and small firms to promote economic development and equality of opportunity, on the role of financial education to increase the effectiveness of such access, and on the role of regulation to contain risks that might arise from greater inclusion. As part of a new project on this theme, ADBI held a conference on the links between these issues. ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino emphasized the crucial role of post office savings, financial literacy in schools, and regulating informal finance to enhance financial inclusion in developing Asia. The conference included both cross-country empirical studies and country studies on Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand by experts from those countries as well as ADB and ADBI. Read more.

Connecting Central Asia with Economic Centers Connecting Central Asia with Economic Centers

A new ADBI interim report titled Connecting Central Asia with Economic Centers examines trade ties, foreign direct investment and financial flows, migration and remittances, and institutional cooperation between the Central Asian economies of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan and major economic centers such as Asia, the EU, the Russian Federation, and the US. Read more.

Asia and Japan: Trading into the Future

Asia and Japan: Trading into the Future Asia and Japan are in the midst of the most ambitious trade negotiations in recent history, such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. These trade pacts will profoundly impact the economies of Asia as they will allow for a freer exchange of goods and services, thereby boosting the region's competitiveness and growth. To analyze the latest developments in trade negotiations, as well as to provide an overview of the latest economic research on the topic, ADBI and the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry co-hosted a panel discussion of leading trade experts moderated by ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino in Tokyo on 18 April. Read more.

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Updated 25 April 2014
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